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About Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, a plant-based hemp tincture, was originally formulated for personal use by the mother of a child with a rare neurological disorder known as Angelman Syndrome. Elizabeth, or "Izbee" as we call her, has been affected by balance and motor skill issues, suppressed appetite, abnormal sleep patterns and myoclonic seizures. Some AS individuals never walk, and most, including Elizabeth, do not speak. Over the past year, Amazing Grace has been distributed primarily to parents of individuals with AS (and other similarly presenting neurological disorders) in the hope that they may share similar improvements in well-being to what Elizabeth has experienced. What we, as a community, have experienced has driven the desire to make WINGS accessible to everyone and more specific to a variety of health conditions.

In the near future, many neurological diseases, including AS, will be cured. Current research and trials on many fronts including targeted gene editing therapies such as CRISPR cas-9, as well as drug therapies, are producing unprecedented promise and real results. Despite what the future holds, our family and many hundreds of thousands of others with an array of similar diseases, must hold the promise of these miraculous cures close to heart as we press on to deal with the immediate and very real day-to-day (or night-to-night as the case may be) symptoms, trials and triumphs of these diseases.