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Oblio's Oil is a 10mg/ml strength tincture. Oblio’s Oil is the only hemp extract formulated to specifically support pets suffering cancer and that may be undergoing chemotherapy. This formulation can help pets suffering from cancer to regain energy, vigor and mobility. Increased mobility allows self-care and exercise, critical elements in the comfort and rehabilitation of a sick pet or animal.

Oblio’s Oil helps pets regain appetite and reduces the negative side effects of traditional pharmaceutical treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation.

This formulation is intended to be taken twice or more daily and to be given in doses as high as achievable without negative side effects.

Other ingredients: MCT oil, terpenes, lecithin.

Oblio's Oil Serving Calulator

Based on starting serving size of 0.2mg/lb (0.44mg/kg) at 10mg/ml





Suggested Serving Size: ml twice daily

Adjust Serving Size

Every 4th day, increase by 20% of the starting serving size. Continue this pattern until you begin to notice negative side effects, at which point you should decrease to the last adjusted serving size.

Day 4: ml twice daily

Day 8: ml twice daily

Day 12: ml twice daily

Day 16: ml twice daily

Fitted bottles caps and syringes are available for smaller, most accurate dosing.

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