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Amazing Grace Daytime tincture helps your body support itself throughout the day by helping to maintain focus and clarity. Optimize your energy and balance your mind. Let the creativity flow, and let the wind be your guide.

Some of the components in Amazing Grace can cross the blood-brain barrier and have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this and the full-spectrum nature of the product, you may find yourself feeling more balanced, clear and mentally organized with Amazing Grace.

Other ingredients: MCT oil, terpenes, lecithin.

Amazing Grace Daytime Serving Calculator

Based on 0.1mg/lb (0.22mg/kg) at 20mg/ml





Suggested Serving Size: ml 1 to 2 hours before bedtime

Adjust Serving Size

Every week, increase by 15% of the starting serving size. Continue this pattern until you feel you’ve reached maximum effectiveness or begin to experience negative side effects, at which point you should decrease to the serving size you felt the most effects with the least serving size.

Week2: ml twice daily

Week3: ml twice daily

Week4: ml twice daily

Week5: ml twice daily

Fitted bottles caps and syringes are available for smaller, most accurate dosing.


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