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Amazing Grace provides multiple wellness benefits, including neurologic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. It helps balance your body through the endocannabinoid system, in turn, allowing better immune response, daytime alertness, neuroprotection, sleep and more.

Amazing Grace is a full-spectrum hemp extract that may help neurologic conditions such as Angelman Syndrome, autism, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease and fibromyalgia. It is different because it offers consumers the full spectrum of cannabinoids and special terpenes selected for their specific efficacies.

The Amazing Grace set came to fruition in an attempt to gain maximum efficacy. We most usually dose twice a day, or more, to help maintain balance and adequate levels of cannabinoids and terpenes within the body around the clock. This set allows for daytime clarity while the night formula helps with relaxation, rest and has the heaviest anti-inflammatories.

>Other ingredients: MCT oil, terpenes, lecithin.

Amazing Grace Day/Night Serving Calculator

Based on 0.1mg/lb (0.22mg/kg) at 20mg/ml





Suggested Starting Serving Size (day): ml each morning

Suggested Serving Size (night): ml 1 to 2 hours before bedtime

Adjust Serving Size

Every week, increase by 15% of the starting serving size. Continue this pattern until you feel you’ve reached maximum effectiveness or begin to experience negative side effects, at which point you should decrease to the serving size you felt the most effects with the least serving size.

Week2: ml twice daily

Week3: ml twice daily

Week4: ml twice daily

Week5: ml twice daily

Fitted bottles caps and syringes are available for smaller, most accurate dosing.


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